Law and Order in London in the late 19th Century

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Law and Order in London in the late 19th Century

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Law order in the centaury was only a part of London’s problems. Londonmain problem was it self and it was mainly the Whitechapel area due toit being a dark and stingy place, especially at night whereprostitution happened theft. Street fights and many more. ArthurMorrison sums up the area of Whitechapel of being “an evil plexus ofslums that hide human creeping things, where filthy men and women liveon penn’orths of gin, where collars and clean shirts are decenciesunknown, where every citizen wears a black eye and none ever combs hishair”. London also had the problem of protest groups (such as thechartists, the laddits, and anti cam law league) this was a growingproblem because most protests ended up in bloody riots. Every timethis happened the army was caused out but sometimes it was too late.

The late 19th centaury also had a huge range of development of thepolice. The development of the police went through up’s and down butgradually got there. The thirst kind of police force was the nightwatchmen. The night watchmen were employed by Hennery Moore whobasically had the job of walking up and down making shore the streetswere calm and if any crime was committed to see that person wascaught. But the night watchmen had there illustrations and problemsmany of them weren’t in no fit state work often drunk they couldn’twatch the streets and if an major riot broke out they couldn’t’prevent it or stop it but after the night watchmen proved to thegovernment that a regular police force should be set up. Once thegovernment realised something had to be done they set up the met(metropolitan police force) in 1829 and had 3,200 men and along with17 diversions 4inspectors and 144 constables. The met covered a 7 milearea from the centre of London. Also the met were later known asBobbies or peelers. They to like the night watchmen wore a uniform


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