Justifying the Killing of Animals for Research

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Justifying the Killing of Animals for ResearchWorks Cited Missing

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Can killing animals for medical research, cosmetics, food and sport bejustifiable? For what reason can they be killed or should they not bekilled at all. Not killing animals at all would lead to overgrowth inpopulation which could cause damage to the environment. Experimentingon animals for cosmetics is not needed because if there were no beautyproducts being sold then humans would like each other for the way theynaturally are. Then comes using animals for sport. Torturing innocentanimals for entertainment. What pleasure does anyone get from watchinganimals killing each other?

I believe that using animals for food is the only reason for killinganimals. Some people may argue that meat is not needed in a balanceddiet and alternatives of vegetables, fruits, pulses and dairy producecan be consumed for protein instead, but we have canine teeth. We aresuited to eating meat like other carnivorous and omnivorous predators.Meat is also the best source of protein and iron which are used alotin the body. With vegetables, fruit, and dairy produce alot must beeaten to achieve the same amount of protein and iron consumed with asmaller amount of meat. Eating too much vegetables or anything becomeshazardous to the body therefore eating meat could prevent this problemand also leave more room in a diet for more food. Understanding thisconcept can help us to make use of our natural features and killanimals for justifiable reasons. OK, but what is meant by justifiablereasons?

In Islam there are a very few justifiable reasons as animals areconsidered as the creation of Allah and so must be treated equallywith all other living creatures created by Allah. Some justifiablereasons are; hunting for food and if there is no other course ofaction, testing on animals for medical purposes although it is notencouraged by most muslims. ‘Whoever kills anything bigger than asparrow without a just cause, Allah will hold him accountable for it.


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