Jack’s Grand Race Essays

There once was a white and furry rabbit named Jack. He had a very unusual birth as both his parents were hedgehogs and abandoned him when they figured out he was a rabbit. Every morning he would go out to find carrots to eat. The only problem for him was that he loved carrots, and there was not an abundance of carrots at all where he lived. Jack new he must find some way to get more carrots. Little did Jack know that he would get this chance very soon.

As Jack went into town the next day, he noticed that flyers were being given out to tell about the Annual Grand Race being held soon. The price was a year of any type of food the winner wanted. Jack knew he would be competing against all different types of animals but that did not scare him. He knew he was fast and could win. He would also ask his friend Nate the pig. He is a little clumsy and chubby but he knew he could help him.

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Jack went over to where Nate lives. Jack asked Nate, “Would you like to help me in the Annual Grand Race?”

Nate thought about this and replied, “What will I get?”

Jack of course wanted to trick Nate and ended up saying, “The satisfaction of helping a friend.”

Nate agreed while wearing his bright blue shirt and they would meet at the starting line tomorrow. Jack went home and went to bed early knowing he would need as much rest as he could get for the race the next day.

Before Jack could go to his race, he met his old friend Tim the turtle. Tim explained to Jack how he won an Annual Grand Race by being smart and avoiding the villain in every race. He told Jack, “Believe in yourself and you will win.”

With this, Jack left to go to the starting line and meet up with his friend Nate. Many animals from far and wide were gathered there. Jack saw Nate and …

…d finished yet. Jack took a look back and noticed Cathy was coming up next. He knew she had kids to take care of and that she did not have enough food for them. “Hey Nate,” said Jack “stop for a second.”

“Why?” answered Nate.

“Just because there is someone who needs this more than us.”

Cathy approached them and said, “Why aren’t you guys crossing the finish line?”

“Because you need the prize more than us and because I have always kind of liked you,” replied Jack.

Cathy took the chance and passed the finish line. She turned around and told Jack, “Thank you and maybe you should come over and visit me at my place later.”

With that, Cathy claimed her prize. There was a big ceremony and she was given a crown. She gave it to Jack though knowing that he was the real winner and she would owe her life to him. With that, hey all left the ceremony and lived happily ever after.


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