Jack in Lord of The Flies by William Golding Essay examples

Jack in Lord of The Flies by William Golding

The title says it all, ‘Lord of the Flies’ in Hebrew is Satan. Theevil, the evil within us all. As we can deduct from this tital thebook with have darker elements to the narrative. This book about boystrapped on an island is named after evil incarnate.

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Once you start to read the book the title makes no sense, over thefirst few pages you notice no sinister hidden meanings and evilbehaviour on any of the boys part. Yet as you turn the pages a pictureis created for you, one of savage behaviour and brutal consequences.This book explores authority and mankind’s urges to resort to savagerywhen there is lack of it. This essay will explore the question,

“Is Jack evil when he arrives at the island, or does he become evil?”

Jack is a major character of the book, he starts off as a traditionalauthoritarian figure leading his choirboys along the beach in theirrobes.

“The creature was a party of boys, marching approximately in step intwo parallel lines and dressed in strangely eccentric clothing.”

“The boy who controlled them was dressed in the same way though hiscap was golden”

From the start Jack wields power over people, we have to take thisinto account when you look at his behaviour later in the book, at thestart he is a leader, and Ralph takes this leadership away from him,he offers him a token of friendship ‘The Hunters’. This proves to beone of Ralph’s greatest mistakes, once Jack controls his choir as aband of hunters he has absolute power and soon turns them againstRalph.


“I ought to be chief, said Jack with a simple arrogance, “Because I’ma …

…an see the evil of his character he isthe one always with Jack, always on the hunt, always ready for thekill. The deaths of two innocents mark the end of the fire, the end ofthe conch the symbol of meeting. It means the end of society on theisland, the end of law and the rule of justice.

In conclusion I think Golding knew exactly what boys are like, he madeus see a compelling story, with vivid realism which tells a tale ofthe disintergration of a civilisation under the pressure of blood andsavagery and a bloody climax. The book shows the fear of the dark inmen’s hearts, the loss of innocence, that society can easily beundone, that some times the people, with the most knowledge areshunned. Most of all it tells a tale of Jack, a boy turned into anevil savage, the most shocking of all the aspects in the book.


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