Indiana Jones and Robert Langdon

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What could one of the greatest action movies of all time and a recent controversial bestseller have in common? In fact quite a lot. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark and The da Vinci Code are great action tales; and all of America loves a great action story. Whether it is set in France, Egypt, London, or the United States; the thrill of adventures intrigues people. But, what make an action story great. The most important element is the hero or the protagonist. The person whom experiences all of the fun and danger that is unattainable to almost everyone. In the two stories mentioned, Indiana Jones and Robert Langdon serve as a window into a world of new things. And, though, what can be seen through their windows in significantly different, the similarities which they posses are the reasons they are so popular. Indiana Jones’ and Robert Langdon’s similar characteristics and adventurous curiosity show their similarities and the key to their success.As Langdon and Jones each set out on a quest fro a priceless historical treasure, the similarities between them become apparent to the reader. The first, and most obvious, similarity is in their physical appearance. In the exposition of The da Vinci Code, Langdon is described as a “forty-something academic with more than his share of scholarly allure. His captivating presence is punctuated by an unusually low, baritone speaking voice, which his female students describe as ‘chocolate for the ears,’” (Brown 9). Furthermore, he is described as being “Harrison Ford in Harris tweed,” (9). Considering the reference to Harrison Ford there can be no doubt that Indiana Jones and Robert Langdon look alike. By placing the image of Harrison Ford in the minds of readers, Brown creates a connection to an earlier action hero making his character more appealing. Still, that is not all, the intelligence of Langdon and Jones are also very similar. Both are college professors; Langdon is a professor of symbology and history, Jones, a professor of archeology and history. Throughout their adventures, each uses his knowledge of the past and quick intellect to solve the problems currently facing them. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jones is faced with the task of discovering the hiding place of the Ark by deciphering the secrets of a three dimensional map hidden underground. He figures out that he must “take the staff to a special room in Tanis – the map room with a miniature of the city all laid out on the floor.

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