How the Police Tried to Catch Jack the Ripper

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How the Police Tried to Catch Jack the Ripper

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In the 1880s, the police were very different from the police of today.Their main propose was crime prevention and their methods theirmethods were very primitive

Source F is a police leaflet, which was published after the murders ofElizabeth Stride and Kate Eddowes; it was written to aid the police intheir investigation it was also written in a factual tone, it suggeststhat the police were appealing for any information regardingsuspicious characters. Because of the timing of this leaflet shows thedesperation faced by the police but for because of the many defectsreasons the leaflet was not successful: The first being that they didnot offer any description of the murderer at all, ‘person to whomsuspicion was attached’. The second being that they still assumed thatthe person was living in Whitechapel, when there was a large amount ofevidence suggested that the murderer wasn’t from Whitechapel (the factthat the murders were all done on the weekends or on Friday nights,which suggests that he had a job and came into Whitechapel to murder).The third reason being that they did not offer any rewards to thepublic but it must be taken into account that the police were notresponsible for handing out rewards- the home sectary was the one whodecided against it. In addition, there is no information on themutilations to the bodies, it just gives the dates, which would nothave encouraged anyone to come forward as it could have been thoughtthat they were just non-violent attacks, and it would have persuadedpeople to come forward. The leaflet also suggests that the police hadrun out of all possible leads and were using this leaflet as a lastattempt. To sum up source F shows us that that the police methods werevery much reliant on witnesses and help from the public.

Source Gis part of a letter from the Home Secretary to the mile EndVigilance Committee dated 17th September, after the murder of Annie


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