How Frank Darabont Presents the Shawshank Redemption’s Subtitle Hope Springs Eternal

How Frank Darabont Presents the Shawshank Redemption’s Subtitle Hope Springs Eternal

In 1982 a writer named Steven King wrote the short story “RitaHeyworth and The Shawshank Redemption”. Little did he know that histext would become one of the best films ever made. The year is 1992and a plucky young director going by the name of Frank Darabont hasbig idea for making a film version of King’s great novel. After muchdeliberation king and Darabont agreed and set to work making a film toremember.

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The Shawshank Redemption conveys a range of emotions from utterdespair to jumping for joy and happiness, but the emotion portrayed inthe film is the idea of hope, which is inspired. But before I canexplain that I must firstly make you aware of the changes from thetext.

Firstly and most importantly Red the flame haired Irishman is nowblack! He is played superbly by the big box office pull MorganFreeman.

Also the three wardens in the original text are now one man “Norton” acruel man who believes in the bible and discipline.

The main character in the film is Andy Dufrain a banker who getswrongly sent to jail for killing his wife after finding out she was”banging” another man. During the film Andy is the centre of manyscenes of hope and despair. Many things happen to Andy including beingraped several times.

In one scene the hope meter hits rock bottom during Andy’s first nighta new inmate is killed. Earlier in the film the other inmate’s bet onwho will crack first, Red bets ten cigarettes on Andy. So later thatnight the inmates start throwing abuse at the new inmates. At thispoint the light is so low on the mi…

…ugh the whole film Andy had been writing to the governmentrequesting books for the prison library and one day his request isaccepted and he is confronted by boxes and boxes of books. Andy alsonotices that there are some records in the boxes, he then goes to thewarden’s office turns on the gramophone and the loudspeaker system andplays the record across the whole prison. During this Red says thatagain they felt like free men. The lighting in this scene isespecially superb when Andy is sitting in Norton’s office and sunlightis streaming through the window. This scene has got to be one of myfavourites in the film, as it’s warm and makes you forget your worriesand hardships.

The proof that this is a classic film is that when asked those thathave seen it always remember all about it and have a positive opinion.


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