History of World Architecture: Renaissance and Baroque Era Essay

Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque.

The Renaissance Period is one of the well known periods in the history of architecture which is later followed by another known period called the Baroque Era. The Renaissance Era in architecture begins when artists sought to create a new style which is totally different to those of its predecessor at the same time also reviving the styles of which the Romans and Greeks had done before them. This period saw the birth of many new architects that are notable for the Renaissance style; Brunelleschi, the inaugurator of the Renaissance style in Florence, Alberti in Rome, and Bramante for his inauguration of High Renaissance.

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The characteristics of this period are distinct in many ways. One of it is that it focuses on the proportions of things. Importance of human form as a basic of proportion distinguishes Renaissance architecture than those of Gothic.

‘The planning of temples depends upon symmetry..It arises from proportion… Proportion consists in taking in a fixed module, in each case both parts of a building and for the whole, by which the method of symmetry is put into practice’ (Vitruvius, De Arch., III, i)

According to Alberti, one of the main points of Vetruvius is the key role of proportion. The excerpt from Vitruvius Book III shows that proportion is the key element to have a regular shaped floor plan. Due to this, Alberti in his work emphasize the usage of proportion in his works which later is implemented by various architects during this period though it was Brunnellschi whom thought of the importance of integration of the plan in accordance to the facade in the first place. A quick look a building plans proves that during this era the use symmetry, squares and proportions in accordance to…

…ime. During that time, the term Baroque was primarily focused on the architecture of Italy though there are differences especially in the northern part. Another matter is that looking into other areas and centers, it is often seen that the term Baroque cannot really be applied to the every type of architecture during this period of time throughout the world.

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