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Over half a century ago, Albert Einstein invented the theory of relativity. He developed this theory to explain apparent conflicts between the laws of relativity and the law of gravity. To resolve these conflicts, he developed an entirely new approach to the concept of gravity, based on the principle of equivalence. Many people wondered how he could even think up such a great theory and produce a formula like that. That is why most people call Einstein “The Genius.”

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What is genius? Is it a salutation for people who invent something new? Or does it describe a person who produces a great formula that is useful to us? Genius is a person who has an exceptional intelligence or creative power that not everybody has. It is also the ability to create something new and solve some problems quickly. This wonderful talent cannot be obtained; it comes naturally to some people. Sometimes genius can be inherited from one’s parents or grandparents.

Most people confuse the meaning of genius with intelligence and creativity. The definition of genius is different from intelligence and creativity. An intellectual is someone who possesses a high degree of understanding. In other words, an intellectual is someone who is clever or smart. Anyone can be intelligent if he or she learns or studies something, but genius comes naturally without any learning. Some people can create unique and interesting things. They are called creative, people who are design with his own imagination and inventive. It is different from genius because creativity can be a more practical thing like inventing an electronic car, while genius can be both practical and theoretical.

Genius can be divided into two subclasses: artistic and scientific. In terms of arts, someone is called a genius if he or she designs a thing that nobody could think of yet. Michelangelo is one of the genius artists who designed a sketch of a helicopter before it was invented. At a young age, Salvadore Dali had an exceptional ability and produced paintings that were different from other people’s, who were the same age as he. Moreover, a person who is a genius in science can produce a theory that changes the world and is beneficial to others. Besides Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, an American inventor, is one of the greatest geniuses and inventors of all time. Edison began to work at an early age and continued to work right up until his death.


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