Freedom of Religious Expression Essay

“ Freedom of religion does not equal freedom to take away the rights of other people” (Unknown). The free expressions of religion is protected by the first amendment. Proposed September 25, 1789 the framers protected their citizens against the government controlling their religious freedom. School administrators and students are at a figurative war with the meaning of this amendment. School officials have attempted to ban the use of religious banners at sporting events made by the students; the Establishment and Free Exercise Clause interfere with the school administration’s responsibilities and student rights causing the freedom of religion to be used in the wrong way.When creating the first amendment the framers wanted to refrain their new world free of religious control. They accomplished this by establishing the first amendment, which incorporates the Establishment and Free Exercise Clause. The Establishment Clause prohibits the government from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion” (Cornell University). They may not create a national religion or favor any religion by promoting religion, or nonreligion. The government can contravene these laws in several manners. Actions that result in violating the Establishment Clause are constructing a state church, passing laws that aid one religion or certain religions, demanding people to attend or not attend church, taxing religious matters, cooperating or funding church activities or participation of religious organizations in government activities and/or punishing people for what they believe in (NPC). Some cases influenced the law to make a guideline to follow. The guideline they had established is called the Lemon Test. This test possess three questions to answe…

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