Franz Joseph Hayden’s Symphony No. 95 Essay examples

Franz Joseph Hayden is one of the greatest composers of his time. Hayden was a well-known composer in his era. He was a teacher to Beethoven and was friends with Mozart. Hayden has composed over a hundred pieces that were well known and loved. One of his successful symphonies was Symphony No. 95. This piece contains four movements that contrast each other but yet compliment. This piece also contains many style characteristics and formal structures that can be found throughout these movements. In order to be able to identify these styles and structures, one should understand the meanings of the different forms and the patterns of these pieces.Back in this era, all symphonies were movements written in a pattern. The first movement would have a fast tempo with a sonata form. Then the second movement is a slow movement that would have a slow tempo with a sonata form. Following the second movement, the third movement also known as a Minuet would ensue containing a moderate tempo and a minuet form. Lastly the fourth movement is classified as the closing and would contain a very fast tempo with a sonata form. Sonata form is what all composers used to compose music. Sonata is what is used to ‘’open the first movement of every piece composed and is the emotional and intellectual core of the entire piece ’’ (Tomlinson 167). They found it to “enable a special flexibility expression. They could use it for forceful, brilliant, pathetic, and even tragic opening movements” (Tomlinson 167).Carr 2

The sonata form was an essential key in composing music. According to The Britannica article “The Sonata form is crucial in the symphony’s evolution, is based on the dramatic apposition and eventual reconciliation of contrasting keys” …

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…hat put classical music at its peak. Haydn was a prime example of composing the musical structures and styles that were presented in the symphonic era. People are still marveling at the great techniques and quality of the music in the symphonic era.

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