Frank Sinatra Essay

Frank Sinatra

Francis Albert Sinatra was born on December 12, 1915, in Hoboken , New Jersey . Hebegan singing in amateur shows in 1933 and formed a musical group called the HobokenFour . Bandleader Harry James discovered Sinatra’s act at the Rustic Cabin in New Jerseyin 1939 . Their best recording together , “All or Nothing at All “, did not become a hituntil after the singer’s solo career took off four years later . Then during the early 40’sFrank Sinatra was getting involved in the jazz nightlife , his jazzy style developed withtrombonist Tommy Dorsey’s band . Although Frank Sinatra was big in jazz usually in coolbands he also was big in films . He did over 50 films in his career , winning his firstAcademy award in 1945 for the patriotic short subject “The House I Live In” also won theaward for best supporting actor in “From Here to Eternity” . He won numerous awardsawards for his recording and even for television .Frank Sinatra was an American popular singer and also a motion-picture actorwhich was not common in those days . He was one of the most famous American popularsingers of his generation . he sang with big bands of Harry James and Tommy Dorsey .Hewas influenced by Bing Crosby and Billie Holiday , Sinatra anticipated the decline of bigband instrumental jazz music and helped establish an enthusiastic type of popular singers .Even though he was a great popular singer , he was well respected as a jazz singer . Thenatural swing feel and jazz colored phrasing of his singing , including his use of dynamicsand delayed rhythms , have influenced numerous of musicians . During the 1950’s Sinatrateamed with a number of talented jazz arrangers , including Nelson Riddle , Neal Hefti…

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…t had trouble in some personal things like his several marriages . Frank Sinatrawas very involved in the public and even helped some campaigns in his time . Over allFrank Sinatra was a hero to all of the Americans and his name will never die in the statesand even in the world . He was the man of his generation and his name is still heard in mygeneration and generations to come . He was a legend and he will always be rememberedthroughout time .I was glad I decided to do my project on Frank Sinatra . I actually learned things Iwas not planning to learn . It took time . but I think it was worth it and the information Igot really was interesting . I got personal articles on Sinatra because I really did not wantto make a biography on Frank Sinatra . I truly had a learning experience .It is a shame hedied because he could of done more great music .


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