Fox News: King of the Cable News Essay

“Fox News: King of the Cable News Networks – continuously #1 rate for well over a decade. Why is it so loved by so many and so hated by so many others??”

Fox News has been given a number of different titles, and nicknames throughout its existence since its debut in 1996. Fox News has been, according to their mission statement, providing a 24 hour political, sports, business, nationwide, worldwide, local and breaking news to the public through a number of different mediums (Fox News Channel Press). To most people Fox News is their selected choice for a news provider, however, a large selection of people feel it is completely biased and is not truthful. This contradicts its widely known and published slogan “Fair and unbalanced.” So why exactly is Fox News preferred by so many people, yet at the same time it is hated by so many others? What makes this #1 rated news station so terrible?Fox News is constantly being bombarded with accusations of media bias, furthermore, a number of different instances of have occurred which question the validity of Fox News (Groeling). These instances occur throughout normal news broadcasts. Some of the more recent, and grossly biased broadcasts, were from the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. Historically the Fox News Channel is known to lean heavily to the right, or on the republican spectrum. President Barrack Obama’s political party is widely known to the public as being democratic. Statistically, to this day according to studies over 17 million households receive some form of the Fox News Channel (Auletta). The Fox News Channel is published through a number of different channels to its viewers. These channels include: Television, radio, newspaper, internet and more increasingly electro…

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…ich as a result, keeps those individuals with Fox News as opposed to using other sources of news. Because so many people over the age of 65 watch Fox News consistently, during retirement, it keeps Fox News’ ratings and reception remarkably high. Whereas, different kinds of viewers dislike Fox News because of its political bias, which as a result gives it negative ratings.With every large successful materialistic object or figure in society comes its pros and cons. For the Fox News Channel, these pros and cons include its overall ratings and viewership. For over a number of years Fox News has remained atop of the rating scale in the number one spot, providing the public with the news. People claim it is biased and justly unfair, however, it is that very news that they produce which has made it famous and one of the most well respected news networks to this day.


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