Evaluating the Article “Making Sense of Poverty” by Dennis Raphael Essay

Canada makes the claims to be a “democratic constitutional monarchy” that deems itself to be a nondiscriminatory and equal nation. Although Canada a developed nation believes in egalitarianism, there is a constant target to particular minorities in which there is unequal distribution of resources among lower classes. Unfortunately, this blind eye kept towards those in poverty in Canada has led to one in six Canadians to be in poverty (Raphael pg.29). In Chapter Four: Making Sense of Poverty: Social Inequality and Social Exclusion, Raphael illuminates the phenomenon of poverty by explaining the concepts of social inequality and exclusion by expanding on how proneness to poverty is subjective to particular Canadians. He puts forward his opinions, attitudes and arguments in regards to the concepts of social inequality and social exclusion with the intention to shed light on the explanation of poverty. Raphael explains poverty association with social and material deficiency and how poverty can be possibly eliminated. This essay will evaluate and assess the success in addition to the weaknesses of Raphael’s clarification of “making sense of poverty”, and will evaluate the quality of Raphael’s work.OverviewSocial inequality refers to the interpersonal practices in society that can harm or limit ones social status, class or social group. Raphael (2011) describes it as a “lack of power” and the inability to access resources (p.113). The outcome of social inequality leads to social exclusion, where people are denied the right to participate in society.In his introduction, Raphael purposes that it is highly unlikely for Canada as an industrialized nation to have such a great amount of citizens in poverty, he also points out how pa…

…lusion. Raphael uses many theories and steps to explain one concept, but to further his explanation he provides tables and figures in order summarize his ideas and make it easier to understand how these concepts are multifactorial. For the same instance of describing social exclusion he provides insight on seven different dimensions to social exclusion (Table 4.1, p. 107).ConclusionThis review essay assessed and examined the success of clarifying poverty through the concepts of social inequality and social exclusion. Despite Raphael’s tremendous writing skills he still unconsciously was biased or contradicted himself in addition to limiting his views. –write questionsWorks Cited

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Raphael, Dennis. Poverty in Canada: implications for health and quality of life. 2nd ed. Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc., 2011. Print.


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