Essay Tahking a Closer Look at Jean-Luc Godard

Jean-Luc Godard is one of the French filmmakers who worked from the end of 50s and during the 60s in the trend called as the “nouvelle vague” (new wave). He wrote film critics for the magazines such as cahiers du cinema and made 4 four short films before he made 1959 his first feature film A bout de Souffle, which was famous first of all through its jump cut and was called the first nouvelle vague film. With this film, he became an iconoclast and artistic hero in the film history. His films are filled with many kinds of references from various art genres and cultural media, which make his films special. He used such unique and different styles in his films and therefore his films divided history of films into before-Godard and after-Godard. This is not a hyperbole. In the 1959, his movie was so different from previous films that much audience felt that his movie was not like a movie. For example, some of the characters in his films were in the scene without any reason to be there, the camera was sometimes focused at backgrounds instead of filming characters while they were acting, characters in the camera suddenly start to talk to audience outside of the screen, and even the whole color of the scene changed to yellow in a sudden. This could be even seemed as if he was not taking his filming career serious and downplaying his audience, but it was his challenge against arts with no creativity, and it was also Godard’s way to communicate with his audience. Among all of his unique filming techniques and many kinds of references from different art genres and cultural media, I would like to talk about how music and popular art played role in his film. In his films, there are certain scenes with music and popular art that shows he was il…

…uld restore their society and with Charles de Gaulle became president, their 5Th republic began. Godard’s film Weekend’s subtitles “A film found on scraps” was what Godard’s mention of “aesthetic of abundant pleasures”, which was implying the 5th republic.In conclusion, Godard used various references that illuminate sociological and political points. Music and Popular art were two strong references that he utilized in his films which made his films unique, sometimes strange and implied many sociological meanings. Based on this research, we come to know that Godard suggests the contents or gives symbolic meanings to the image through these music and art devices. Although his films may be hard to understand because of the union of many of his elements, they urge the audience not to pursue customary pleasure, and demand to regard the film itself on objective object.

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