Essay on Young and Gifted – Original Writing

Young and Gifted – Original Writing

“Miss, Adam won’t join in!” Sarah shouted over the top of thechildren’s voices of the classroom. The teacher looked curiously overat the silent boy sat staring at the wall, oblivious to hissurroundings. Although he appeared to be a pupil in her class, in thesame red uniform, sitting on the same hard orange chairs, and with thesame childish features, Adam was far from the average Year Two pupil.

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When he first came to Bluedale Primary Adam was the same as all theothers around him he played and learnt how the others did. However, itsoon became clear to his teachers and fellow pupils that he waslearning faster than the others did. At first the teachers encouragedAdam, giving him extra and harder work to keep him as focused as hewas. But when he began to reject the other children because theydidn’t understand him and to sit reading on the playground instead ofplaying they became worried and stopped providing him with challengingwork; trying to ‘make him normal again’. Their plan seemed to have thereverse of the desired effect and Adam became more isolated towardsthe other children in his class. By now the teachers who were not verymotivated in their low paid jobs just left him alone, only botheringto acknowledge the ‘strange little boy’ when absolutely necessary,preferring to just pretend he wasn’t there.

It was this blatant refusal to acknowledge him that made Adam sofrustrated with his school and the people in it. The teachers seemedto underestimate him and his abilities by making him perform the same’meaningless’ tasks as the rest of the class. But he never lost hispassio…

…ve with themdid me no favours and led me up in here” Adam, staring thoughtfullyinto the mans eyes, decided to agree with him and made up his mind tocontrol his behavior more, even if he did really want to explode attimes.

Waking up the next morning after eating a truly horrible breakfastAdam was told his mum and dad would be coming to pick him up withinthe next half-hour. Passing the time Adam sat on his so called ‘bed’and thought about what the man and himself had been talking about,”Adam, your parents are here” the nurse called to Adam as he seemed tohave come out of a trance of thinking. Slowly getting up off his hardbed, he walked down the long white corridor, through several whitedouble doors, and while he walked, he looked back, not only on thegifted elderly man, but also his behavior in school.


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