Essay on William Blake’s Legacy

William Blake is mostly famous for his romantic poems and significant artwork. His work was not really appreciated until the beginning of the twentieth century as his work seemed adventurous and somewhat ahead of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century because it was that different to other poets or artists around. Some of his romantic poems have bin said to have tooken a lifetime to establish as he was such a clever man and made the readers try really hard to think and read between the lines of what his poems were all about. William Blake was Born on 28th November 1757 in Soho in London (which he spent most of his life) and he seemed to have a lovely, happy upbringing.There house was on the corner of Broad Street & Marshall Street and was upon an old burial ground, his father, named ‘James Blake’ was a London hosier and his mum ‘Catherine Wright Armitage’ home schooled William at a young age. Her previous husband which was also said to be a hosier died in 1751. At the age of thirty, she then married James. William had 7 siblings and he was the 3rd child out of them. Apparently, its said to be that 2 of his siblings died of infancy. At the age of four, Blake was described as a weird and unusual child as he said that he had visions of god putting his head against the window. Around age nine, whilst he was walking through the countryside, he stated he saw a tree filled with angels, although his parents didn’t believe a word he said.

William tried his best at anything and tried to achieve the highest. Blake was a very intelligent man, well read and well spoken.Despite leaving his school at just the early age of 1O, to attend the Henry Pars Drawing Academy. He attended this school for 5 years. Growing up, he had many i…

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…ch his wife stated that ‘ I have very little of Mr. Blake’s company. He is always in Paradise.’ William Blake passed away on the 12th of August 1827, he was buried in an unmarked grave at the cemetery of Burnhill fields.In my opinion, I think that William Blake was a hard working man who tried his best to show his ability and to make people realise how good and bad things are in life and to cherish the memories. He uses clever ways to phrase things so that we really have to think deeply about the meaning given. Like us all, Blake gotten through family deaths and many different eras of his life and overcome the problems, he shows us that you can achieve anything aslong as you put your mind to it. Although he got critised a lot throughout the years, I still think that he deserves credit for all of his work and he has tried his best since from such a young age.


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