Essay on We Are Killing our History

What do you think of when you think of identity? Is it culture, race or language? When I identified someone’s identity, I will focus on his or her appearance and language. According to the identity’s definition, identity means the qualities and attitudes a person or a group of people have, that make them different from other people. During recent few decades, there are a lot of immigrants arrive to the United States. Some people try to change their life habit and accent to integrate into American society. According to the article “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” wrote by Gloria Anzaldua, she described the idea of losing an accent or native language to conform to the current environment. Although Anzaldua grew up in the United States, she spoke mostly Spanish. However, the other people think the immigrants should keep their culture and language accent because culture and language is worth to protect and develop. Therefore, all cultures should be accepted and developed by people because every culture is the result as the quintessence of human wisdom for thousand years.

Culture is the soul of a country and it shows the history of the country. Different country has different culture. People can live in a multicultural environment and different culture has its different usage. According to the article “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”, Anzaldua describes her upbringing in a dual culture society. On one side, being her academic culture, where she is expected to speak clearly and adhere to the American English language. On the other hand, speaking of her Spanish Chicano culture that specific edict expectations are placed on her childhood and throughout her upbringing. Furthermore, her Latino culture, while posing conflicting and challenging belie…

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…as changed. However, language is the very basic tool of communication. Different languages have their own culture and meaning. As the human life quality increasing, we need pay more attention on improve our spiritual life. On the other hand, is it possible that people have both identities? In my point of view, identity is not born with you. And we cannot define one’s identity through his or her home hood. It made according to different cultural or social context. As a result, culture is important to shape one’s identity and we need to pay more attention on it and develop it in order to let our offspring feel the wisdom or our ancestors.

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