Essay on The Media and How it is Killing America’s Future

The Media and How it is Killing America’s FutureThey grace the cover of magazines everywhere we look. Their beautiful tanned skin engulfs a slender “perfect” body. The men and women of Hollywood truly are striking, but also all look very much the same. There is an obvious trend in these magazines and on television that thin is in, and only skinny people are worthy of adorning magazine covers. Does this mean that only the thin are beautiful in today’s society? Whether they mean to or not, the media definitely indicates that this is the case, leaving a very unrealistic image of what is attractive in the minds of young people. Therefore, it really shouldn’t come as any surprise that eating disorders are becoming more and more prevalent among young people, particularly girls, who are striving to achieve this model-thin look.

Young people naturally seek role models in their lives, and in many cases Hollywood stars are some of the most influential. It is also common for teens to want to emulate these people they admire. However, it is unrealistic or even impossible for young people to try to be like the stars they see on TV. Not every person can weigh 100 pounds and have such perfect skin, and trying to be this way can become incredibly frustrating. When healthy ways of trying to fit this “perfect” image don’t work, people often turn to more extreme methods. This is when eating disorders and excessive exercising become issues.

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Many people probably don’t realize how common eating disorders are among America’s youth. I certainly didn’t until I came to college. I realized early into my freshman year that my roommate and one of my suitemates were suffering from eating disorders. I found it s…

…e able to accept themselves for what they are until they are given a feeling that what they are is beautiful and acceptable. It is therefore the job of this country to let girls know that they are good enough the way they are, and that no one will ever be “perfect.” If the media would begin featuring larger women as being beautiful, then young girls would not feel the pressure that they do to be thin, and eating disorders would not be the problem that they currently are. This problem can be fixed if only the media would make an effort and show that beauty does not come in one size.Works Cited

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