Essay on The Last Supper

The Last Supper

Leonardo Di Ser Piero Da Vinci, he is a thoughtful, knowledgeable, versatile painter, astronomers, inventor, construction engineers and military engineers. He is good at carving, music, invention, construction, knowledge of mathematics, physiology, physics, astronomy, geology and so on, are versatile, and diligence and prolific, preserved in the manuscript, there are about 6000 pages. Leonardo Da Vinci think is the most beautiful object of study in natural human body, the body is the work of the wonders of nature, painters should be to the core of the painting object. Modern scholars who called him “the most perfect representative of the Renaissance,” generalist is unique in human history, his greatest achievement is painting a picture. His masterpiece the Mona Lisa and the last supper, his exquisite artistic attainments. The last supper was permeated, its artistic value is the highest in the world. This work was also as a symbol of the Renaissance.”The last supper” based on “new testament”, according to the new testament, the Gospel of mark records: Jesus to Jerusalem for the last time have been to the Passover, jewish plot and the chief priests to arrest him during the night, but no one to lead the way. Just then, judas to Judaism and the chief priests informers said: “I handed him over to you, you are willing to give me how much is it?” Judaism became to the chief priests 30 dollars. Then, an appointment with the chief priests: judah he kiss the person who is Jesus. With 12 disciples of Jesus the Passover on that day, sitting together, the last dinner, he said to the disciples gloomily, ” I tell you the truth, one of you will betray me!” After the 12 disciples smell speech, or shock…

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…sign of cold symbol type character modeling and methods.After several generations of humanist and art masters of effort, long and rich ancient culture and the reality of human nature and emotion in the art should not be isolated.Leonardo’s “last supper” in traditional culture of the combination of inheritance and innovation and development is done on one of the best model.Work citedNicholl, Charles. Leonardo da Vinci. Spectrum, 2013.Da Vinci, Leonardo, and Mauro Pelliccioli. The Last Supper. New York Graphic Society, 1955.Wolfflin, Heinrich. The Art of the Italian Renaissance: A Handbook for Student and Travellers. Putnam, 1903.Wolfflin, Heinrich. Principles of art history: The problem of the development of style in later art. Courier Dover Publications, 1950.Gombrich, Ernst Hans, and E. H. Gombrich. Norm and form. Phaidon, 1985.


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