Essay on Statues and Sculpture: An Art Form that Depicts Human History

Art Stands Tall for Human Values

In 2008 a group of archaeologist unearthed what could now be the world’s oldest statue. This larger than life statuette stands at whopping 2 ? inches tall with an estimated carving date from 35,000 to 40,000 years ago from a mammoth tusk. The form of the statuette is that of female figure missing her head and feet with a primary focus on reproductive organs. Due to the pornographic nature of the statue archaeologist believe that the statue’s purpose and function is to represent longevity and fertility. No matter if you believe man crawled from primordial ooze or if a being of higher authority created man, humans have continued to express emotion, experiences and values through the artistic expression of statues. Over the millennia statues have continued to progress and reflect those human characteristics and values that are reflective of the era they were created. At times they are used to share stories that express victories to tragedies, life and death, religious beliefs, gods and goddesses. One other aspect that humans use statues is to convey values that are important to that society’s social structure. For some statues those human values are shared in a rather large way by reaching new heights and overcoming natural limitations. One might also state that with such a rich history of mankind’s creative appetite for statues it can be difficult to decide which ones to review. That being the case one cannot begin to discuss statues and the human values they represent without starting off with one close to the shores of the United States who expresses liberty for all the huddled masses yearning to be free.Did you know that the Statue of Liberty was originally designed as a lighthouse for…

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…tue damaged. Stone used to repair the statue was collected from the original quarry. Recently again in January of 2014 the statue was damaged from electrical storm and is in process of restoration today. This time instead of scaffolding being placed around the monument workers use rappelling ropes suspended from the statue so not to impeded visitors to the site.I hope through this article the reader has gained a better understanding how the human race has used sculpting and statues to share the values, experiences and emotions from our rich history. From the shores of liberty, to the museums of strength, to the cities of courage and the beach towns of peace the reader can find a rich history of human values. Everyone should be encouraged to conduct their own research into other statues created and review the values that they are built to reflect and share.


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