Essay on Othello: One of Shakespeare’s Tragic Heroes

Othello: One of Shakespeare’s Tragic HeroesOthello is one of Shakespeare’s tragic heroes. Othello is awell-respected character in this play. Othello is portrayed as a manwith much greatness. Othello is tragic hero because he has a fault inhis character that brings his death to others. Unquestionably,Othello’s downfall is brought about during the course of thisShakespearean drama. Othello is a general and others such as Iago andRoderigo who are envious of the power and the respect shown to himdespite his colour. The introduction of Othello to the audiencereflects Shakespeare’s use of the art of subtlety. Othello is notintroduced to us directly but through the impressions of others,namely: Iago and Roderigo. Iago hated Othello for various reasons, onebeing Othello promoted a close friend of his, Cassio. Iago feels heshould been given the promotion and by failing to gain the promotionhe feels jealous. Iago argues that Othello is unfair.

“I know my price, I am worth no place a place” (Act 1, scene 1,line 11)

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Iago argues Othello is unfair because he didn’t get the promotion, butinstead it was given to Michael Cassio.

Our attention is firstly held by the conversation between Iago andRoderigo. Shakespeare doesn’t include the main character ‘Othello’ inscene one of the play. Iago speaks about Othello in detail, giving theaudience an idea of Othello before he is on stage. This allows theaudience to judge for themselves whether what Iago and Roderigo sayabout Othello is true or false. The audience waits in anticipation tosee Othello and judge him for themselves. Shakespeare wants theaudience to also see the cha…

…akespeare createsa classic irony typical of his works. Once again, Othello demonstratesa major fault in his character: that of being far too trusting andutterly ignorant. The manipulative Iago is fully aware of thisweakness, and in his soliloquy at the close of Act 1, he recounts,

Whilst the famous dramatist leaves his audience totally concernedabout the character of Othello, the clear conclusion they can drawfrom Act 1 is that Othello is an honourable man but possibly one whois far too trusting for others, especially far too trusting of Iago,which makes it very odd that he cannot trust Desdemona. When Iagosuggest that she is having an affair with someone else. By the end ofAct one, the audience can suspect the flaw in Othello’s character. Theaudience can also see that he as many admirable characteristics.


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