Essay on Music and Academic Success

Music and education at most schools go hand in hand. In a child’s academic career they will be exposed to music and fine arts that can se them on the path to excellence Though, some fine arts programs including band, orchestra, and other musical outlets seem to produce no effect in the classroom, many people have done studies that show the correlation between music and academic excellence. It is this involvement that leads to more successful students. Students who are involved in musical programs have a better rate of academic achievement because they are exposed to new skills, creative learning techniques and a healthy and positive mortal support.As stated by Winston Churchill, “Without the arts, what is there to fight for?” the arts, especially music and visual arts are the base to society. Without one there is no need to improve. Students who have been exposed to music from early childhood and those who perform in band, choir or other programs are more capable at achieving more in their school careers and are more likely to bring about social change. This concept of band or some musical program to better a student’s academic achievement can provide skills that the child didn’t know they processed. “Band is an experience that has long lasting effect on students. Beneficial life skills such as leadership, team work, cooperation, and goal setting are learned in a motivating and supporting setting” (Band Director Scott Burgener of Mountain View High School 2009). An article published by The New York Times (1998), made the correlation of music at younger ages can promote better brain development. Student who performed or grew up with stimulating music could certainly achieve more in classes across the board. Skills like this…

…helpful and friendly on my first day of high school, and that impression has lasted ever since.” (Drum Major, Mountain View 2009). It is this sort of “Family” that leads to students wanting to improve and excel. Like the drum major from Mountain View High School, many participants in other musical channels have the same beneficial experience.In many communities, this sort of response in student is growing and growing. Participating in music whether it is in school or out of school has a positive effect on their academics. Through helping students learn in a new way, a health exposure to new skills, and a growing family of supporters a student’s academies scores and record are sufficiently better. It is through these things that many communities, locally and nationally, are able to witness the power music can have on a student and their academic achievements.

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