Essay on Jack London’s Life and Accomplishments

Jack London was born in the late 19th century, near San Francisco. Jack’s Parent’s divorced when he was young; when his mother remarried they travelled around California looking for work. Although London and his family were poor, he didn’t let that stop him from being one of the most well-known authors in American history.Jack London threw ought his life wroth many books the most notable was Call of the wild. Call of the Wild Was set mostly in the Alaska gold rush of 1898, where over 100,000 people attempted to go to the Klondike Region to find gold(Klondike 1), of that 60,000 died on their way and only 30,000 actually made it (1). In Call of the wild, a dog named buck is a dog living an easy life on a ranch in the California (wild 3). A worker at the ranch steals him and sells him on the black market where he is taken north to Alaska and is bought by two French speaking Canadians heading toward the gold rush with their team of dogs on dogsleds. Buck has trouble with the other dogs he is with and also with wild dogs (3). Buck fights with other dogs to become the lead dog and eventually becomes it. (3) Eventually after buck is owned by “John Thornton” A man who saved bucks life who buck considers to be a friend, shortly later they reach and buy a gold mine and while the Thornton is digging for gold buck goes off into the forest for several days (4). When buck returns to the mine he finds both Thornton and the other dogs killed by a local tribe, buck goes kills much of the tribe then joins the wolves in the wild becoming known as the ghost dog (4). Jack London used many of his experiences from the gold rush to write call of the wild. Many critics of London see “parallels” between Jack’s and Buck’s Journey in Alaska (2).Jack …

…s Cited

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