Essay on Do People Have the Freedom to Express their Ideas Openly?

Artist use their “pieces” to express their ideas and feelings. Although some may not agree with how artist choose to express themselves; their right should not be taken away. When people disagree their freedom of speech is not taken away, so why should an artist right be taken away. At times art pieces can evoke emotions better than speech can. If every artist listened to what critics said, there would never be any “great” art pieces. “Great” art pieces are the ones that make a person stop and think about what the artist is trying to portray. Artist should not be responsible for how others perceive their art.Some of the most controversial art forms are paintings and sculptures. Pablo Picasso’s painting, Guernica, received a great deal of controversy when it was created. Picasso’s painting depicts the bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. Many people during that time thought it was distasteful. Picasso wasn’t trying to please people with his painting. He was trying to make a point of how demoralizing war can be, and how Spain would remain strong. This past summer, during Art Prize, Patrick McKearnan submitted four nude sculptures. When the pieces were “installed” there was an instant uproar. Some people thought that the sculptures should be taken out of the contest; others admired how life like they were. But would there have been as much resistance to the sculptures if they looked like Michelangelo’s sculpture of David? Although many had their oppositions about McKearnan’s sculptures, the pieces remained in the contest and people flocked to see the sculptures for themselves. Despite peoples’ issues with these art pieces, they still did what they were meant to do. They evoked emotion.Music has always reached a hig…

…portance.People should have more of an open mind when it comes to art. They should remember that artist create art pieces for multiple reasons. Some create pieces to shock their viewers. Others create pieces to make a point or to stand up for a cause. Paintings and sculptures are probably the most common art form, but that is not the only form of expression. Music can be used to express emotions as well. Literature has been a form of expression throughout history for multiple reasons. All of these forms of expression have remained popular for one main reason. They are relatable. Paintings and sculptures are relatable because they can visually show people their emotions. Music and literature are relatable because they can say things in a way that some people never could. Despite peoples issues with any art form they will prevail, as long as they are relatable.

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