Essay on Differences in Introversion and Extraversion

Differences in Introversion and Extraversion

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Chanel Sharp

McMurry University


“We desperately need both introverts and extroverts within our organizations. It’s a matter of survival, not just success. Mankind would be extinct without such diverse personalities,” (Whitford, 2010). The world simply would not function completely full of extroverts: loud people who enjoy parties, the company of other people, have a need for excitement and usually have optimistic and impulsive personalities. The world would not be enough for seven billion extroverts. However, on the other hand, a world filled with quiet, shy, introspective people would not function either. As Dr. Little said, our diverse personalities are what keeps mankind going. The old adage that opposites attract seems to be true when you look at the world as a whole. The loud man searches for a quiet woman, the shy man looks for a confident woman, etc., etc. Everyone in the world is looking for the differences in others that complete themselves, and those differences are what makes the world work, what makes the world unique. Some of those basic differences will be discussed in the rest of this paper.The idea of introversion and extraversion goes back to the mid 1900s with H.J. Eysenck. Eysenck classified introverts as people with higher levels of arousal in the ascending reticular activating system, which is a part of the brain stem that acts somewhat like a gate. The less open the gate is, the more introverted the person would be. His thought was that because of the high arousal in the brain, introverts keep more to themselves in quiet, stimulating settings in order to even things out. On the other hand, extraverts choose high functioning, populated areas in life as …

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