Essay on Biography of Vincent Van Gogh

This artist has done many works of art that some people just may not seem to understand why it was made. Some people find an interest in certain paintings while others may not find that exact attachment to the painting like others. I have chosen to write about this artist because of the many and beautiful arts of work he has created through many years. Although some I may not find a meaning to or why he would make a piece of art the way he did, they still seem to catch my attention to some.

Van Gogh was born in Groot-Zundert, Holland on March 30, 1853. Vincent Van Gogh was born into a family of religion and strictness. His dad was a pastor in town. Van Gogh’s mother, Anna Cornelia Carbentus, was the daughter of Willem Carbentus. Her dad had bound the first Constitution of Holland. The name Vincent was given to him by his parents because a year prior to his arrival, his parents had had another son whom they tragically lost at the time of his birth. Vincent was the youngest of two brothers and three sisters. Of the two brothers he had, Van Gogh was more attached to his brother Theo. Vincent Van Gogh was brought up in a religious environment. Sometime between the years 1860-1880 he decided he had wanted to become an artist. Before this, he had other jobs that he did not succeed at which included a clerk at a book store, art salesman, and a preacher in the Borinage, a district in Belgium. During Van Gogh’s stay in Belgium, he was attending school to study what he had always wanted, art.In the year of 1866, Van Gogh had gone to Paris to join his brother Theo. Theo was the manager of Goupil’s gallery at the time. During the time in Paris, Vincent Van Gogh was studying with Cormon. Later on, Van Gogh had met Piarro, Monet, and Gaug…

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… attend boarding school in the Netherlands. Vincent Van Gogh’s first art professor would be Constanijin Huysmans. She was a professional artist who would end up teaching Vincent Van Gogh basic drawing and composition. During 1869-1873, Vincent Van Gogh worked for an established art dealer named Goupil & Cie, in the town of Hague. Vincent than later worked in London and Paris all the way up to the year of 1876. He was fired during that year because he was showing lack of commitment to his job and the customers. After losing his job, Vincent would then travel to England to become a minister’s assistant. Once again Van Gogh would then leave his job and move to England to attend the University of Amsterdam to study theology for about a year. Van Gogh did try to follow in his father’s footsteps, but was let go after a year for “undermining the dignity of the priesthood”.


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