Essay on A Look Inside the Mind of Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a young girl living in what was considered one of the darkest moments in recent history, the holocaust. Her diary, which was given to her as a gift, was started on June 12, 1942, her last entry in it was on august 1, 1944, which was when the annex was discovered, and she was sent to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. She lived in an annex in an old warehouse with her family and several other people. Throughout the time spent in the annex, Anne wrote about the life that she lived, the emotions that she went through, and the difficulties of hiding from the Gestapos. Gestapos were the Nazi secret police who were most widely known for tracking down Jewish people who were in hiding. Anne Frank gives an insight to the lifestyle of Jewish families in hiding and the mindset of an adolescent girl trapped in difficult position that threatened everything that she knew and everything that she loved. Adolescents crave freedom and those who do not have freedom can feel more stressed.Germany during World War 2 was an extremely dangerous place to live and even though many Jewish families attempted to escape Germany’s Anti-Semitism, they were still trapped due to many countries putting a stop to immigration because they were not willing to take in any more Jewish immigrants. Anne’s family lived in the Netherlands. In the beginning of the war, they had to watch their relatives in Germany suffer under nazi rule, but thought that they were safe. As the war moved on, Anne’s father started to prepare for the inevitable prospect of someone in the family being deported, and started to prepare a secret apartment in a warehouse that was owned by the company that he used to own. The Frank family was forced to hide inside of the attic of …

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