Essay Influence of the De Medici Family

The influence of a few people or ideas can affect a culture for a lifetime. The de Medici family was a powerful family that captured the ideals and principles of the Florence Renaissance and were able to use them to increase their influence during the time. Their influence in this time created many positive effects, some of which are still felt today. The family used their influence during this time to impact Florence and other European countries through their patronage of the arts, and political influence. Although most actions of the family did result in a better situation financially, socially and politically for themselves, most of their influence resulted in positive outcomes for not only Florence, but also other European countries.The Renaissance, occurring from approximately 1300 to 1600 CE, was a period that began in Florence, Italy and spread to other parts of Western Europe (Fiero, 377). During this time humanism became an ideal that the culture revolved around. Humanism is a philosophy that focused on the abilities of humans and the importance of goodness, needs and rationality rather than the theistic beliefs religion offered (“Humanism”). Humanism was based around the strengths of humans. The result of this was a vast dominance of the arts during this time. Art, architecture, music, poetry and more were encouraged because they exhibited the talents and intellectuality humans had to offer. One of the main influences present during the Italian Renaissance in not only Florence but other European countries was the de’ Medici family.The de’ Medici family was a powerful influence during not only the time of the Renaissance, but over a time period stretching for generations. The wealth and power of the de Medici family …

…a political move.The de’ Medici family was wealthy and influential and usually known as being one of the most important family during the Renaissance. Through their wealth they were able to affect Florence and other European countries both politically and culturally through the patronizing of the arts and the persuasion in a political atmosphere. Their actions during the time of the Renaissance was able to affect the people and culture not only in that time, but still in society today. Their influence on the arts at this time of humanistic influence was a great reason to their overall importance and prevalence at this time. Although many corrupt and individual benefits came from their patronage and many political influences could have been seen as for their own good their overall effects on Florence and other European countries can overall be seen as beneficial.

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