Essay about Women and Poverty in Canada

Poverty is a significant threat to women’s equality. In Canada, more women live in poverty than men, and women’s experience of poverty can be harsher, and more prolonged. Women are often left to bear more burden of poverty, leading to ‘Feminization of poverty’. Through government policy women inequality has resulted in more women and children being left in poverty with no means of escaping. This paper will identify some key aspects of poverty for Canadian women. First, by identifying what poverty entails for Canadian women, and who is more likely to feel the brunt of it. Secondly the discussion of why women become more susceptible to poverty through government policy and programs. Followed by the effects that poverty on women plays in society. Lastly, how we can reduce these effects through social development and policy.

1.) What is PovertyPoverty is difficult to describe and a major factor in determining poverty relies on where in globe you are choosing to focus, the culture that is being examined and the overall wealth of the country. For the sake of this paper I am choosing to discuss poverty in Canada, which by definition does not exist according to Canadian Counsel of Social Development (2004). Furthermore; I will discuss the Low Income Cut off Lines (LICO) which is commonly known as the ‘poverty line’ to help determine the poverty rate for Canadian women. “The situation of poverty among women in Canada is well established. More than half of all Canadians living in poverty are women. In total, approximately 19 percent of women in Canada live below the poverty line. Fifty-six percent of lone parent families headed by women are poor, compared with 24 percent of those headed by men. Almost half (49 percent) of single, wid…

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… from Equality. Canadian Lanour Congress, 1-38.

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