Essay about William Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Movies and screenplays are often said to be based on a true story. William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is an example of a screenplay that is assumed to be based on a true story but is actually just historic character’s names being used in a brand new story. From the characters, setting, and events all seem to be completely fictional.William Shakespeare’s Macbeth contradicts the historic account of the actual people in Macbeth’s time as king. Some examples of character’s whose events in Macbeth and the actual historical accounts are Macbeth, Malcolm, and the three witches. In Macbeth, Macbeth was a tyrant king and was despised by many as shown in this quote: “Not in the legions/ Of horrid Hell can come a devil more damned/ In evils to top Macbeth (55-57 Scene iii, Act 4).” While in historic accounts Macbeth was a true king who brought prosperity unto Scotland as shown in this excerpt: “For 17 years, life was peaceful and prosperous as Macbeth ruled with an even hand and encouraged the spread of Christianity (A&E television network).” This quote shows how good of a man Macbeth really was and not how Macbeth shows Macbeth to be, a traitorous king. The next character Macbeth contradicts is Malcolm. In Macbeth, Malcolm is shown to be one of the courageous leaders that overthrew Macbeth as shown in this quote: “Be comforted. /Let’s make us med ’cines of our great revenge, /To cure this deadly grief (213-215 Scene iii, Act 4).” But in historical context he did battle Macbeth but with Siward, earl of Northumbria, instead of Macduff and he fought Macbeth for revenge of Macbeth’s defeat of his father, Duncan. These actions are shown in this quote: “Siward, earl of Northumbria, accompanied by Malcolm, led an army north into Scotla…

…e elements did not hinder the play however because it is widely considered to be one of Shakespeare’s best plays. Deceitfulness and completely ignoring the truth can help improve a play or story because it you can mold the events to the persons liking but it can also help bury it in lies.

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