Essay about William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Rhetorical strategies are perhaps one of the oldest corrective rules introduced on the human race. Rhetoric is the study of impressive writing or speaking as a means of communication or persuasion. In William Shakespeare’s very famous play “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar,” Marcus Brutus and Mark Antony give a speech at Julius Caesar’s funeral. Both speakers introduce themselves to the crowd in their own unique way with the usage of the three different rhetorical strategies; logos, ethos, and pathos, therefore arousing in the Roman crowd greatly distinct emotions and reactions. Antony’s speech proved to be the most effective. He was able to turn the easily swayed crowd against the “honorable” conspirators, and he was able to portray Caesar as a non-ambitious, caring and truly honorable Roman man. In order to accomplish all of his objectives, Antony used a strong combination of pathos, logos, and ethos rhetoric in his speech.The rhetorical strategy Antony took hold of in order to changed the crowd’s emotions through persuasive argument was pathos. Pathos is a strategy that uses emotional appeal to the audience to persuade them into agreeing with the speaker. Antony uses a variety of devices like imagery, repetition and a number of rhetorical questions to express his emotions to the plebeians. Antony refers to the Romans as “friends, Romans, countrymen,” and he tell them he,”come[s] to bury Caesar, not to praise him” (3.2.80-84) while introducing himself to the crowd. Knowingly at that point, Brutus was to them an “honorable” man. Antony makes sure that he does not allow his emotions to take over and destroy his real intentions. He addresses the plebeians as “Friends” with the purpose of persuading them into believing that they were …

…ll the treasures acquired at war for himself. He would never have rejected the crown offered to him three times. Antony’s use of ethos proved an effective strategy.Mark Antony’s speech is truly one of the most passionate and moving speeches of all time. It is amazing how Antony was able to take hold of each and every word he said and in the tone they were said, to further persuade the crowd into siding with him, meanwhile maintaining his true intentions unrevealed. By the end of his remarkably emotional speech, Antony accomplished all of his goals. He turned the crowd against Brutus and the conspirators, and he was able to convince the crowd that Caesar was not the ambitious one but that instead Brutus filled this role. Pathos, logos, and ethos were effective and powerful rhetorical devices Antony used to convey his wants and needs to his listeners to avenge Caesar.

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