Essay about The History of Songwriting

Music sets the mood for many of the events and celebrations of our lives. From happy to sad, people rely on songs to set their mood. That is why songwriting is a popular form of expression for many people. Songwriters often write very personal emotional songs but they may also write songs for plays, movies, and commercials. Songwriting can be a lucrative career if a song takes off in popularity or it may just be a hobby, however one thing remains constant, music is one of the most important expressions of imagination.Songwriters perform a number of functions in their field but that is depending on things like ambition level, career goals, and specific talents. A songwriter may simply write song lyrics and music, and then sell the completed song to a record company or performing artist, which is common among pop music artists who have people writing for them. Another type of songwriter is the singer/songwriter. This person writes his or her own material. Including lyrics, and musical accompaniment, and performs it themselves.This job is one of the most difficult to become successful in because even a good singer/songwriter can guarantee success. To become a singer/songwriter you must be able to think creatively to come up with good, strong lyrics.Music has been around since the beginning of human existence almost 100,000 years ago (6). The first modern humans in Europe were playing musical instruments as early as over 40,000 years ago (11). The first musical instrument ever found was a bone flute from 44,000 years ago (9). Some of the first music was established in a tribal setting. They used drums and horns to communicate from long distances.Songwriting played a big part in the growth of the Un…

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