Essay about The Effects of Classical Music on the Brain

Researchers and neuroscientists have begun diligently studying the role of Baroque music in brain development (Coff). Many studies that have been conducted conclude that classical music intensifies the growth and memory retention of the brain (O’Donnell). The human body has also been proven to naturally respond to the beats and rhythms of music, whether positively or negatively. Music can affect the brain and body in many different ways. Classical music can increase learning abilities, change mood and spiritual awareness, and affect a person’s health.The power music has to affect memory is amazing. Listening to music while studying can help the brain process information much more efficiently than without classical music. “Mozart’s music and Baroque music, with a 60 beats per minute beat pattern, activate the left and right brain” (O’Donnell). The Center for New Discoveries in Learning stated that by using this 60 beats per minute music, potential for learning can be increased by a minimum of five times (O’Donnell). People that listen to Baroque music while studying tend to naturally remember more information than those that don’t listen to these classical pieces. In the Minoan period, ancient Greeks performed their dramas through song because they knew how music could help them remember their lines more easily (O’Donnell). The ABC song was created to help children to remember the alphabet. Though children can’t remember and learn as fast as adults, they are able to retain the information when they hear it like music. Putting words to song helps the brain to process the information more fully. Engaging in activities that use both sides of the brain, such as listening to Baroque music, singing, or playing an instr…

… because of music.

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