Essay about The Bubonic Plague and the Great Fire of London

The Bubonic Plague and the Great Fire of London Two disasters struck London during the 1660s with the first being anoutbreak of bubonic plague, the last and worst of a series that hadstarted in the 1300s. The latter disaster was the great fire of Londonin which a Bakery broke out in flames near to the London Bridge whenmany of London’s houses became sources of combustion as the fire tookhold of their wooden structures. Various source materials exist forthe events of the 1660s which include history books, biographies,autobiographies and narratives, of which one source of historymaterial is the diary of Samuel Pepys, which shows hundreds of scenesfrom his life including civil servants committees, Members ofParliament in debate, concerts and music, friends on a river outing,assignations that he attended, domestic tiffs, and current nationalissues. Pepys diary is composed of his observations of people insteadof just facts and figures, that help a reader to relate to and sharehis life experiences. I think this creates a quality historicalrecord.

For my study on Pepys diary I am going to re-write and explain twoextracts from his diary in the form of modern English. The firstextract is the 27-28 December 1664. “I went to bed leaving my wifewith all her family. I awoke at 6am to find that my wife had not yetcome to bed and I had no pot to go to the toilet in. I was forced togo in the chimney in the bitter cold before going back to sleep. Iawoke again at 8am as my wife came to bed, this annoyed me a littlebut I did n…

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…ern English was manhood or penis, as myreasoning for this is that I thought that the word main might havebeen a word used to describe manhood or a male’s feature, although myideas could deferent to others. I know that cunny is an older term forthe modern word fanny. The detailed interpretation in my ownunderstanding for this was “I was with my penis in her fanny.” Butsince looking into this in more detail, I have discovered that thissingle word in the middle of an old English sentence was the Frenchword for hand. Samuel would have wrote this to stop prying eyes fromhis wife Elizabeth. As I have previously mentioned he tried to hidehis perjury from her and often doing so by the use of other languages.Elizabeth was not as well educated as Samuel was, so may not of beenable to translate this part in his diary.


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