Essay about Shakespeare Authorship Controversy

Shakespeare, the man who wrote 37 plays and more than a hundred sonnets, is known throughout the world. Many people consider him one of the best English playwrights of our time, others say that he was a genius.William Shakspere was born in Stratford-upon Avon in 1564 and died in 1616 at the age of 52. In the mid-19th century, questions had arisen about the Shakespeare authorship controversy, and many scholars wondered whether Shakspere, the man from Stratford, wrote the plays. Ralph W. Emerson once said, ?I can not ?marry? Shakspere?s life to Shakespeare?s work? (qtd. in Bethell 48). In many ways, he was right, some things just did not link up. Many people started noticing this thus two opposing sides were formed. Those who believed that the Stratford man did not write the plays and sonnets called themselves the anti-Stratfordians. Although many believed that Shakspere was not the true author of the works, others strongly supported him. Those that believed that ?the Stratford man? was the real playwright became known as the Stratfordians.Many new questions have developed out of the theory that William Shakspere was not the real author of the plays. Perhaps the most important was that if Shakspere did not write these works, then who did. Many scholars have discussed this over the years, and as many as 58 potential candidates have been picked to have been the real Shakespeare. Many subgroups developed out of the anti-Stratfordians like the Oxfordians, that believed Edward de Vere was the real Shakespeare, and the Baconians, who supported Francis Bacon. Although there are many theories about this subject, not one of them can be said to be the right one without proof.There are many obstacles facing Shakspere that challenge his …

…ided excellent education that included learning the Greek and Latin languages. They also tell us that other writers, like John Webster and Thomas Dekker, were well educated whether or not they went to a university (Bevington 2). Many other Stratfordians believed that Shakspere possessed transcendent genius. Whether or not he was, one could conclude that William Shakspere from Stratford was the real author of Shakespeare?s works.Many people say that it does not matter who wrote the plays because they would not change if the author was someone else. I disagree. You can understand more of the work if you know the author?s background and the things he or she experienced. Randall Sherman said, ?To say it does not matter is to say that biography does not matter. Once you understand who wrote it and why, the plays take on a whole new dynamic and meaning? (I-Chin Tu 2).

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