Essay about Raphael Sanzio’s Life and Accomplishments

Raffaello Sanzio was an amazing artist from the late 1400’s to the early 1500’s, who created many amazing paintings that helped change the style of medieval art to Renaissance art. Without him, the style of art now would most likely be more primitive and not as advanced as it should be. This is because he made many advances including more realistic painting. His most important paintings include “The School Of Athens”, the “Sistine Madonna”, and the “Marriage of the Virgin”. Not only are those some of his most famous paintings, they also show the realisticness that changed the world.Raffaello Sanzio had a very interesting young life. He was born in Urbino, which at the time was a cultural center that encouraged the arts. The arts include things like painting and architecture and anything that has to do with human creativeness and visuality. His father was Giovanni Santi, who was a painter for the Duke of Urbino, Federigo da Montefeltro. Giovanni Santi taught Raffaello basic painting techniques and exposed him to the principles of humanistic philosophy at the Court of the Duke of Urbino. When Raphael was eleven years old his father died. Raphael’s inspiration was from his father, but also the fact that he lived in a city that was considered a center of the arts during the Renaissance helped too.After his father died and his love for art was started, His painting and lifetime career began. His father died, as you saw above, and he needed to help out, with the things his father did. Raphael then took over the job of managing his father’s workshop. Raphael quickly became more successful than his father and became known as one of the best painters in town. In 1500 Raphael got his first real teacher, other than his fathe…

…in the article below the video. The information I will be using is mainly about his childhood including his, birth date(April 6, 1483), birth place(Urbino, Italy), and also includes his influences into art.

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