Essay about Music Concert Experience and Description

Music Concert Experience and Description On October 19th I attended the State University SymphonyOrchestra, State University Wind Symphony, and State University Choir concert, which was sponsored by theState University School of Music and Dance and was also held atin the Smith Recital Hall. Harold Warman conducted the SU SymphonyOrchestra and the SU Wind Symphony while Frank Almond conducted theSU Choirs. Dr. Frank Almond is a Professor of Music and Director ofChoral Activities at SU. Professor Harold Warman has been conductingorchestras for the past thirty-six years. He has taken groups toperform at several places such as Switzerland, German, Austria,Canada, Mexico, and Japan. Mr. Warman has been involved with severalOrchestra and Band associations, having served on the CaliforniaSchool Band and Orchestra Association board and College Band DirectorsNational Association. With these two highly decorated conductorsleading the concert, I assumed it would be a good one. The concert hadmany varied songs with different rhythms and melodies. Throughout theconcert I would have considered myself as a referential listener, as Iam for most things. Certain pieces and sounds played throughout theconcert reminded me of certain things in my environment like the musicplayed in eerie movies or even the music my teachers play during examsand silent reading.

The concert began with Harold Warman presenting the Choir andOrchestra. Following that Mr. Warman stated that the Choir would beperforming first because people need to learn …

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…ting to see the orchestras. The musicians were verytalented, as they performed a variety of songs. I enjoyed most of thesongs performed and admire the ability of the musicians. After theconclusion of the concert I was impressed with the entire format ofthe concert and I enjoyed it thoroughly. If I were to have attendedthis concert 5 months ago I don’t think I would have appreciated it asmuch due to the fact that before this class I didn’t have anyknowledge regarding instruments, musicians, conductors, and theimportance of unity and variety, tempo, volume, rhythm, melody,harmony, or form. After this class I learned about all of theimportant aspects of music and for me I enjoyed listening to eachpiece and trying to link each piece to a certain historical period bysorting out the characteristics of each piece.


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