Essay about Islamic Traditions and Norms

There are many traditions and norms in religious culture. In Islam specifically, there are traditions and actions that are normal in Islamic societies, but may seem unorthodox to western nations. These are cultural differences that societies eventually get used to and accept, but there are certain practices that are morally wrong in all forms and goes against basic human rights. This issue and practice is honor killing, where women in families are murdered for bringing dishonor to the household.Honor killing is a practice found in many middle-eastern countries. It is the process of the killing of daughters, wives, sisters and mothers who have brought dishonor to their families. According to Amnesty International, there are deeply rooted beliefs that girls and women are considered as commodities to men and do not share the same rights as men. Girls and women are believed to embody the families honor and are responsible for upholding it. Women can bring dishonor from a variety of things, such as talking to unrelated males, committing adultery, seeking divorce, refusing to marry and the worst of which, being a rape victim, which is out of their control. Women can also be killed without reason, because men are permitted to practice honor killings even under the smallest suspicion of transgression. Honor killings have transformed over the centuries, where there are no fixed transgressions that would permit this practice, and under men’s authority and judgment in the family they can conduct an honor killing. Usually disobeying could lead to an honor killing, but this is a very broad term and can encompass numerous things, depending on the judgment of the man. The killing is conducted between the boys and men of the family, where usu…

…6). Female circumcision is a debated topic in Islam, where the more liberal minded reject this practice and the traditionalist who believe no aspect of Islam can be changed and accept this practice. Female circumcision involves removing of the clitoris with a knife. The World Health Organization classifies it in 4 different types, from removing or changing some aspects of the clitoris to completely removing the clitoris all together and putting substances in the vagina that will cause a tightening and narrowing (Skaine 8). Unlike male circumcision which is justified through cultural rituals, traditions and health benefits. It can act as personal hygiene and preventative health care to reduce risks of sexually transmitted diseases. Female circumcision does not share the same benefits and is the exact opposite where it can lead to severe health issues and even death.

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