Essay about Human and Robots Can Learn Together

What comes to mind when you think of robots? Possibly robots taking over the world may come to mind. Some people may say this thought is absurd but, you are in fact quite close. Robots will not take over the world but our jobs. Some business owners prefer to have robots as employees rather than actually human workers for numerous reasons. Unfortunately, if this occurs people will become unemployed and will probably start to die off. On the bright side, scientists have already thought ahead and have devised a way to have robots and humans work together.

New Possibilities

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What do you picture the future like? Perhaps robots come to mind. According to the oxford dictionary, the definition of a robot is a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer. In other words, robots are anything between the lines of Siri, shelf checkout machines, ATM machines, rovers, etc. as time passes by people are creating better, stronger, smarter, faster robots to perform simple or complicated household tasks and jobs that could be fatal for a human.

Robots can perform tasks humans have only dreamed of in less time and more efficiently. Speedy bots are able to lift 150 pounds of boxes, sort them, load them, and label them all day long non-stop. As oppose to humans, who need to take breaks to rest and eat. Robots also perceive beyond human visual spectrum, are more expandable, and are built to better tolerate environmental extremes. They reduce the amount of wasted material; they do not make mistakes, save companies money, and increase worker safety. As time goes by, robots are becoming more common and are seen everywhere because they are more advanced.

A real life example of how robots…

…king with any other person.

In conclusion, there are an infinite amount of ups and downs when it comes to robots. As technology advances, scientists are trying to find a way for robots and humans to work together to change the world. From giving a person another shot at living to exploring new lands, we will find a way to live with this eco-friendly, job taking robot. Like a wise person once said, “When one door closes, another one opens.” This quote is true and applies to this situation because yes, these robots are taking our jobs but any other person could do just that. So when you lose your job to a robot try to compromise with your boss and explain to him that you both can work together and make this world a better place. The truth is the door is closing on the old-fashioned way of doing tasks and a new door is opening marking the start of the technology era.


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