Essay about autism therapy

Albert Einstein, a world genius behind the famous E=mc?, Ludwig Van Beethoven and Wolfgang Mozart, the two great maestros who altered the face of classical music, and Keanu Reeves, a versatile Hollywood actor who rose to the ranks of fame and fortune: great achievements by great people. All these men have two things in common. History, that each of them had made in their own fields, and gifts, that have driven them to their fullest. Who would have thought that their being “extraordinary” could bring them this far? Very little is known that these persons were not as “great” as the others when they were still young. Sadly, they were even less to some who consider themselves higher than the rest. Why? Because unlike others, Albert, Ludwig, Wolfgang, Keanu and all the others, were born with a condition called as autism (Dr. Rhandy Pebenito, 2004)

Autism is a disability that interferes with the normal development of the human brain in the areas of reasoning, social interaction and communication skills, typically appearing during the child’s first three years (“What is Autism?”, the Autism pages 2004, from the Autism society of America). It occurs in roughly 15 to 20 of every 10,000 births and is five times more common in males than in females (“Autism: What to look for”, pamphlet by the Autism Society of the Phils.). Although recent advances have been made with respect to possible roots, the exact cause of this condition remains unknown. Children and adults with autism typicall…

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