Drive-by Shootings on London’s Streets

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Drive-by Shootings on London’s StreetsClose your eyes and sit back in your recliner. Let the cool breeze refresh you as you relax in your hardwood floored den and sip your English tea. Now picture London. What kind of an image comes to mind? Perhaps the sophisticated languages of its inhabitants or just the aura of properness that encompasses typical visions of the great city of London. I am not writing to deny the eloquence of London, I am instead writing to challenge the notion of sophistication that many of us hold true to London. Could a city of such brilliance and royalty ever fester with the day to day problems that we witness daily in our own country? I argue, yes.

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When one thinks of America, the thoughts tend to centralize around, “The American Dream”. The truth is, the American dream is no longer an ideal that all strive to obtain. Instead the title is now a preface to a long novel of “dog eat dog”. America is full of competition to reach the ideal of stability, family life, and security. It seems that the way many Americans attempt to gratify their dreams is to lie, cheat, scheme, and that is just the beginning. Lately, the petty competition has led to drugs, crime, and hideous acts of violence. Unfortunately, the trend is catching on. London, England seems to have joined in the “rat race” and the London news has the headlines to prove it. It seems that something is gone from the “old” England, or at least the way it used to be perceived.

Crime in London is at an all time high and the amount of drug use and violence is soaring. Although several Americans are already well acquainted with the “date rape” drug, Royhypnol, the streets of London are now getting a dose of it as well. According to a recent issue of The London Student newspaper, the drug first came to notice in Scotland a year ago. The paper also makes many references to the previous and vigorous use of the drug in the U.S. Unfortunately, it seems that London has seen its fair share of the drug as well. The British police have already been informed of the problem and are asked to be aware of the presence of the drug along with its possible side effects. London women are being advised to watch their drink at all times and never accept a drink offered to them by a stranger.


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