Disturb the Comfortable Essay

The period of impressionism was the beginning of a revolutionary phase in art history. This form of art was born in France during the late 19th century (Pioch). The goal of impressionism was to capture the rapidly changing society along with the momentary moods of nature using optimal blending (Pioch). What made impressionism unique was its daring rejection of social rules and conventional methods of painting. Many artists such as Berthe Morisot, Edgar Degas, Mary Cassatt, and Edouard Manet during this period challenged the bourgeois patrons (Pioch). Impressionists were in some ways a part of the bourgeois class; however, they sympathized with the working class through their subject matter and social status while challenged the establishment of artwork of the time.Most Impressionists and their work were considered bourgeoisie. One of the most renowned impressionist artists Berthe Morisot was born into a bourgeoisie family (Berthe Morisot Biography). This artist married the brother of the well-known artist Manet (Berthe Morisot Biography). This marriage gave Morisot the financial means she needed to lead a life of leisure. She was not obligated to work or do any laborious duties. However, she spent her time training under Manet as an impressionist artist; capturing the lives of the working class (Berthe Morisot Biography). Paul Cezanne was also an impressionist who painted for leisure. He was the son of the co-founder of a banking firm that prospered throughout Cezanne’s life (Pioch). These artists among many other impressionists painted for leisure. They dedicated their lives to art. Because of the luxurious lives numerous impressionist lived; it was not essential that there were people willing to buy their art. Often times art…

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