Discussing Different Types of Identities Essay

Critical Reflection

Admittedly when the project was given to us, I thought the project would be easy because it is just illustrating our own identity as individuals. Sooner I found out that identity is very volatile, as Richard Jenkins (1996) stated that the ‘identity is often in the eye of the beholder’. When discussing identity, all sorts of sub category comes up within on one word; personal identity, social identity, national identity, ethnic identity, feminist identity, and amongst the others (Sarup, 1996, p1).

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The concept of my project is to approach the identity holistically, rather than focusing one area of my identity. I have included my background, the media I consume and my views as an individual to show my personal perception of the self-image of my identity. I also wanted to show how my identity is represented in the public space. In order to define and reflect my individual identity I think, one must explore self-image and public image, ‘individual identity is generated in the relationship which is struck between self-image and public image’ (Jenkins, 1996, p.71).

I have chosen to produce a digital journal. Considering I am doing Publishing, Journalism and Media, including that I like editing different multimedia product, it seems like a good idea to combined both of my interests into one product. Originally I opted to use a blog. In fact I have already started my blog. However, I wasn’t uncomfortable with the fact that I am about to share my identity to public space. Another rational of using a digital journal instead of a blog is you can genuinely express your identity in a form of a journal or a diary, limiting the audience of the diary also limits the anxiety of being judged. In my perception, posting your …

…ject is researching to the theories of Identity and representation of Identity. During my research I have realised that there has been plenty of studies and research that has gone to theorising ‘Identity’. However it seems like the way that ‘Identity’ is portrayed as volatile and constantly within a process of changing as Bauman expressed (2003), similarly so it the way that there is fool proof theory that can explain how individuals attain, express, develop or construct Identity as an individual.

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