Discuss Work & Negative Views about It. What Are the Qualities of Satisfying Work?

To discuss work, one must first of all try to define work. Once one starts to think about this definition however, one finds that there are as many definitions of work as there are people. Experts such as sociologists have been trying to reach a definite answer, yet they can never agree between them. Although it is accepted that work is that time which is not leisure, one is then confounded with trying to find a definition for leisure. Stanley Parker reached a compromise by dividing our time in five sections, merging from pure work to pure leisure. However this difficulty in defining work should point out that these many different definitions lead to different attitudes, with the result that one can never generalise.

Although some may find work to be negative, this those not mean that this is the prevailing idea. Within the same society, one is able to find different views of work. Other people may look upon work as something positive. Views also differ according to country; in France, many young people prefer to find work which is close to their hobby. This results in work being enjoyed and not seen as an oppressive force. This is easier to do in large countries due to the fact that many more opportunities are available. However it is probably true that we are compelled to work–financially forced. How is it possible to get food, if not through earning money through hard work? The bare necessities can only be bought, whether they be shelter, food, drink or clothes.

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The stigma attached to work because it is forced has been with us since time began. In Ancient Greece, the main working force was represented by the slaves who were physically forced to work. They either had to work or be tortured and killed. In M…

… interested in running the state and finding answers to problems that troubled them. Ancient Greece is still seen by some today as the ideal every state should aspire to. Yet today, we also talk about the right to work.

Technology definitely allows more time for leisure, with the result that there is more relief from work. As already discussed, it may also alienate. Finally however, it all boils down to personal preferences. As an example, if one is interested in computers, working with them would only serve to enrich the worker. In the same way that a definition of work is subjective, so is one’s view of work. If one must generalise, it becomes obvious that as the years pass, the ideas about work also change–if today work is something negative, it might become something positive, in the same way it was in ancient times. The wheel comes full circle…


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