Dan Brown Critique Essay

Dan Brown’s novels are filled with intriguing plots, interesting characters, and explore different countries. Some characters seem irrelevant, or they are just there to add to the story. However, some may actually be important. Characters that seem to be normal are actually significant, complex, and are sometimes evil.Angels & Demons starts off in Robert Langdon’s home, in Massachusetts, in present day time. Langdon is asked by Maximilian Kohler to come to CERN, a nuclear research facility, in Geneva, Switzerland, to view the body of Leonardo Vetra who has been branded with the word, Illuminati. The Illuminati is an ancient brotherhood that is devoted to science and that has been at odds with the church since history began. The church had once kidnapped four Illuminati members, branded them with the cross, murdered them, then threw them into the streets as a warning for people thinking of joining the Illuminati which led the Illuminati’s goal to be to eliminate Catholicism. Vetra is revealed to be Catholic priest and a scientist who wanted to prove that God was connected to science; that physics was the work of God. Langdon meets Vittoria Vetra, the daughter of Leonardo Vetra and also a scientist at CERN. She and her adoptive father, Vetra, had proved that the story of creation in the Bible is accurate by creating something out of nothing; something that had never existed before: antimatter. Antimatter is highly unstable and could cause chaos if handled incorrectly. The antimatter has been stolen by a man known only as the Hassassin, or killer, who was hired by Janus, a man from the Illuminati, to: steal the antimatter, hide it within Vatican City, and kidnap and kill the four preferiti. In Vatican City, the Pope died 15 days e…

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