Cubism Essay

In 1907, The Cubism is a new art movement which was created by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque who challenged the traditional art by refusing the single viewpoint in their painting. The achievement they got was based on Picasso’s first phase which he called Analytic Cubism and then developed to second phase – Synthetic Cubism. From studios of Picasso and Braque, there are many different forms of Cubism have been created and became something that changed the world of art. This art movement was formed as a new way to represent the world through the viewpoints of different art movement. According to Portrayals (2007): “Cubism is the most radical, innovative, and influential ism of twentieth-century art. It is complete denial of Classical conception of beauty.” Therefore, this essay will focus to Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque’s Cubism, to explain how they challenged the fundamental principles of Renaissance art – the spatial illusionism of one-point perspective and the Classical norm of the human figure. Moreover, to discuss about two phases of Cubism (Analytic and Synthetic), their styles and explaining their different premise through significant works by Picasso and Braque.

The Cubism appeared when artist want to find a new way to describe the natural world expressed as new, to help them reflect on things beyond the normal appearance of the material. The painting of Cubism has given up most of the traditional notion of perspective, space and shapes. Usually, we can only observe things under a single perspective at the moment we see them. However, the artist re-described objects of their choice under a variety of different angles at the same time. The appearance of the object, thereby, broken into several surfaces, areas and …

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… meaning very close to abstraction. Some letters were brought into the picture clues to suggest the meaning of the picture. In the second phase, Synthetic Cubism, composition of the painting includes the details pile up together, this information is colored paint or paint onto the canvas warrant, they have more colorful. Unlike stereoscopic analysis, in which objects can be broken down to pieces, can make analysis trying to combine multiple objects together to create new shapes. Picasso and Braque was the most talented artist of 20th Century, they died and left a huge artistic heritage for mankind including sculpture, oil painting, collage paintings and installation art, the ones that can be found in major museums throughout the world. That work proved very intense and creative throughout their lives and has been deeply influential to generations of young artists.


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