Comparing Paintings by Pablo Picasso and Alberto Morrocco Essay

Comparing Paintings by Pablo Picasso and Alberto MorroccoI have decided to contrast and compare paintings by cubist artistPablo Picasso and contemporary artist Alberto Morrocco.

I have studied their paintings to find out their influences and anysimilarities between their work. I have tried to find a source of theirmotivation and reason for their interpretations.

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Firstly, I am going to write about cubist artist, Pablo Picasso.Inspired by artist Paul Cezanne, the father of analytical cubism,Picasso attempted many styles of work. He experimented with differentmedia and use of colour, throughout his artistic career. His paintingsreflected his moods and attitudes, which changed several times duringthe course of his life. As a result of this, groups of his paintingcan be separated into ‘periods’. A very famous period Picassodeveloped was his ‘Blue Period’, where the paintings of this time wereblue in colour and portrayed him to be unhappy. An example of this is’ The Tragedy’ painted in 1903. The painting is of a family standingon a beach, frozen like statues. In my perception, it takes on theimage of a snapshot, eternally showing these still lonely figures. Thepainting looks cold due to Picasso’s use of blue, submitting furtherthe idea of unintimacy and absence of love within this solemn family.I understand why Picasso adopted such a melancholy atmosphere; it wasa result of his friend committing suicide in 1901. His use of thickbrush strokes and realistic perception of a family drowned by thepresence of poverty, portray an image of deep sorrow and sadness.

A painting that resembles Picasso’s ‘The Tragedy’ is the ‘Siesta’ byAlberto Morrocco painted in 1971. Picasso and artist Henri Matisse hadgreat influence Alberto Morrocco. Inspiration also came from hisprincipal teacher James Cowie, who encouraged Morrocco to makepainting his career.

The ‘Siesta’ shows a female child sleeping naked on a table. Sittingbehind her is a woman, presumably her mother, who is awake and holinga sunflower. This also can be perceived as a photographic image. Ifeel as though the woman is staring directly at the camera, her eyesfixated upon me. This highlights one similarity between Morrocco’s’Siesta’ and Picasso’s ‘The Tragedy’ purely by choice of composition.Another similarity I have discovered is that both art…

…to be in this painting, the egg would have rolled off.Both these paintings are similar also in colour. The colours used arebright, strong and effective. I believe that the colour concepts bringeach painting to life. Picasso used natural colours to represent thenatural significance of the objects in this painting. This makes mefeel comfortable and at peace. Morrocco chose olive green, reds andblues to capture the essence of his native Italy. This, in my opinion,gives the painting a special quality and is very pleasing to look at.Picasso’s ‘Bread Fruit Dish on a Table’ is a fantastic example of howhe experimented with shape and tried to teach himself and learnthrough experience the techniques of analytical cubism. He later usedthis new knowledge to develop cubism further and create a new, uniquestyle which he called synthetic cubism.

Alberto Morrocco sought inspiration from Picasso’s cubist phase andtried out the style himself. ‘ Homage a Braque’ is a very interestingpainting which clearly shows similarities between his paintings andthose by Pablo Picasso. However, Morrocco gave an incentive of himselfinto his painting making it his own masterpiece.


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