College Sororities: Rebuttal of Evan Wright’s Article, Sister Act Essays

College Sororities: Rebuttal of Evan Wright’s Article, Sister Act

Walking around a university’s campus any day of the week, one sees an array of Greek letters worn proudly by young men and women in the Greek system. Fraternities and sororities play a big part in a university. The Greek system can also be an easy target to direct criticism. There are those who oppose the Greek system and those who embrace it. Evan Wright opposes the Greek system in his article “Sister Act” that was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine. He uses examples from students at Ohio State University in Columbus to show his disapproval of the way sororities are now days. He portrays sorority girls as catty conformists who are obsessed with partying with fraternity guys. Evan Wright’s insubstantial claim is full of half-truths in reference to alcohol consumption, conformity, and the purpose of sororities; therefore, his critical position that sororities are corrupt is not credible.

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Wright’s assumption that sororities are corrupt because of alcohol consumption is flawed since he fails to look at college students as a whole. Wright ends his article with a glimpse of Reggaefest hosted by Sigma Kappa which is considering “the last big blowout of the year before exams and the farewell of another graduating class” (557). In displaying the intoxicating students at the party, Wright entices the reader to look down on the chaotic drinking, but he fails to realize that other students outside of the Greek organization are probably partying and drinking for the same reason. Anyone is college has access to alcohol in some way or another. If students really want to drink, they will find a way. He points his finger at the Greek system, probably the largest groups on ca…

…contributions to the college and community instead of being single out because they are an easy target.

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