Ching Li Falls Asleep Essay

In the morning dawn of a cool spring day, the sky is clear and a gentle breeze carries dandelions in the air. As the sun is rising, its warm rays spread gently over the flower-covered hills. Butterflies scatter throughout the green meadow as they are softly kissing each flower. The air is fresh and filled with sounds of birds and a rooster calling out in the morning. These were the images that Ching Li vividly experienced in her mind. These are the images she wished could dream without waking up for a few hours at least. Ching Li is an 18 years old, journalism college student, and was born in a small town in the city of Beijing. She is the only daughter of a rice farmer and a seamstress. Her dream is to become a successful travel writer and help her parents. Unfortunately she has been suffering from insomnia for a week. It did not matter at what time of the day or night, she could not help but cry from the exhaustion due to lack of sleep. Every night she tossed and turned and could not seem to fall asleep. Her mind is filled with different images and thoughts, with no rest in between. Ching Li thinks of ways of falling asleep, even if it means for her to get physically tired.

Ching Li would turn on her bed facing the wall, and start counting the roses in the wallpaper design. There are 700 roses of all sizes and colors in her wall. As she tossed and turned to the other side, she saw a wall full of shelves, filled with all kinds of dolls neatly placed arranged in order of size. She would look at each doll one by one and observe every intricate detail from head to toe. Each doll had a special meaning. Some were given at her birthday, and some on Christmas. Ching Li is crying and wondering why is this happening to her now, as she i…

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…Museum, admiring Da Vinci’s portrait of Madonna and Child with St. Anne. In front of the painting in the floor she sees the rest of her dolls leaning against the wall. Ching Li starts to sweat and breathe heavily and suddenly wakes up. Not sure if it was a dream or if this really happened at all. She doesn’t remember if she was suffering from insomnia and if she really wrote on the walls. As she turns and looks at the walls, she sees that they are blank with no writing. She lets out a deep sigh, as if to say it was all a dream. She lies back down and is facing the wall with the shelves and notices that all of her dolls are dirty with colored chalk. Ching Li is wondering if this was all a dream. Did she really have insomnia? Did she really write a novel on the walls? How did the dolls get colored chalk on their faces and clothes? No one will ever know…but her dolls.


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